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    I just upgraded my AT&T Navigator to the latest version 2.0.2294.
    This new release does not work in many ways and I would like to
    go back to the previous 2.0 release, which worked really great.

    Anyone happen to have the OTA link. I don't know the exact release
    number PRIOR to 2.0.2294. The current OTA link on the web only has the latest version that does not work for me. So if you happened to save that OTA link, I would really appreciate you posting it.

    P.S. AT&T Navigator 2.0 is a release for 8900. The release prior to 2.0.2294 (2.0. something...) worked flawlessly on the 9700.
    I am an upgrade junkie, much to my own chagrin. Should have left well enough alone. I do not want to go back to the release for 9700 as it is way behind the features of 2.0.

    Thanks much!

    Thanks much!
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