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    I just got the 9790 and updated it to 7.1.336 on T-mobile in US and do not have the wifi calling option. Is there some way to get this working? Does anyone else have it up and running?
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    03-29-12 01:04 PM
  2. delmarco's Avatar
    Isn't there a band issue with certain 9790 models that lack the band (band#3 I think) which T-Mobile uses for 3G service and data service.

    Lots of folks in NY that got their unlocked 9790 off eBay sellers claim they can't do anything with it outside of phone calling on the T-Mobile 3G network.

    I think it just stays on edge or EDGE and there is no data unless you are on WiFi.

    I found this thread because I am having this same issue.

    Brand new 9790 off ebay unlocked. Works with T-Mobile sim card. No 3G or Data Service.

    AT&T and all other carriers don't have this band conflict with the 9790
    04-12-12 01:22 AM
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    The original question addressed the ability to use wifi calling when the phone is not attached to a 2G/3G/4G network. I too have this issue where I possess v 7.1 OS on my Torch but there is no ability to utilize wifi calling as is was widely advertized that it would.
    05-01-12 02:56 PM
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    Google is your friend, you need to had the UMA parameters in the 9790 before it can make wifi calls ( UMA calls, with roaming ).
    I had the exact same problem with Orange in France, just had the Orange UMA parameters and Voila !
    05-02-12 06:41 AM
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    I solved this issue - check out the solution here - T-Mobile US wifi calling with OS 7.1?
    05-18-12 07:45 AM