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    WWW.theverge.COM: Reports are coming in that T-Mobile users are unable to get data on the network. Users on T-Mobile's support forums and on Twitter say that they've been unable to service across the country, a situation that appears to have started about around 9:00PM ET. It doesn't appear to be universal, but our own service here in San Francisco is definitely on the fritz. More details as we get them.

    T-Mobile's Twitter support account, @TMobileHelp, has confirmed the data outage and says the company is "working on it."

    Their customer service line is down. I am currently at position number 1091 in the online chat queue.

    E-mails are not coming thru on my 9810. Also, my APN settings just say "Phone". I changed it to epc.tmobile.com. Nothing happened.

    07-02-12 09:55 PM
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    Try your BBM... others with carrier issues down have gotten through to family and friends using BBM

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    07-02-12 10:05 PM
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    From the comments on tmonews.com it sounds like it's coming back for many that were experiencing an outage.

    T-Mobile Suffering Data Outage Says Early Reports? | | TmoNewsTmoNews
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    07-02-12 10:13 PM
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    Thanks for the update! I hope it will help those that have been effected.
    07-03-12 12:11 AM
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    Services are now back on!

    [tweet https://twitter.com/TMobile/status/220007851593183233 align='center']
    07-03-12 12:53 AM