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    Okay, the details from the T-Mobile/RIM Seminar today are as follows:

    BES 4.1 sp5 - All the details concerning BES 4.1 sp5 are correct.......except html and rich text support for email, that has been moved to sp6. sp5 is now available for BES admins to download.

    Device OS 4.3 - OS 4.3 WILL be released in April sometime. It will not however be what we once thought it was. It will be mostly bug fixes, but will include video recording and voice notes. Should be release for the 8820 and 8320 sometime in April (roughly coinciding with the release of the 8120).

    Device OS 4.5 - Most of the features that are enabled with BES 4.1 sp5 will require OS 4.5 to work. This will not be released until late spring or early summer (that is all that they would say). It will include quite a bit of stuff, word and slides to go (basic version, full available to purchase), ability to save docs to sd card, all the email search and free busy lookup features, BES only email view, IM contacts in address book.

    8120 - As noted above, due out sometime in late April
    8820 - Should be released next week.

    Hope that was all my notes. Not the news I was hoping to hear, nice to put down some rough dates though.
    03-06-08 03:04 PM
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    It sucks that it will be a while but at least we have some time frames

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    03-06-08 04:50 PM
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    So I am on BIS and your saying I cant use 4.5 without having BES? I am trying to understand whats going on. I have no use for BES because I work for a company that doesnt support BES. Confused!
    03-06-08 05:13 PM
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    I don't know the details of what is going on with BIS. I can ask our T-mobile rep if he knows. The seminar was mainly for BES today, but I would assume BIS will mirror it. The crux of todays was that even though BES 4.1 sp5 is released now and supports all the features (except for html email), device OS 4.5 is need to actually use them. Same will be the case for these features being available for BIS (which I am on also since I got my own BB instead of the company one, they wouldn't get me a curve). I will let you know what I find out about BIS.

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    03-06-08 05:43 PM
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    Ok, that doesn't make much sense, you release sp5 in march, but make people wait months to use the new features? I know things like this are never widely used until months/years later since most companies are not early adopters, but still....
    03-06-08 09:51 PM
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    To me for RIM to stay competitive, with the iPhone, they need to

    1) Add more media features and make them even cooler
    2) throw in a touch screen to shut people up (I don't like touch screens).
    3) Normal email... I don't even consider HTML as a feature you could leave out. It's a fundamental flaw that is, in my opinion, a bug. Now I know older Blackberry users have gotten use to it. But really, to me it's a bug.
    4) High End browser.

    So, first off I am not a big media person. So, I can't say what would be needed to make that iphoneish. I just know there needs to be a revamp, because ipod people have told me so.

    But for the Web Browser. I have, again in my opinion, critical bug fixes.
    1) Tab Browsing
    2) Full FireFox level internet (or WebKit, or something better than BB Browser)
    3) Switch to landscape and portrait (ok this is a new feature)
    4) Better Flash support (yes I know iphone does not even have that).
    5) easier navigation over huge full sized web pages (like Opera, but on the pearl it does not work, because the screen is too small). Note: iphone has this down pat.

    So, I can fix bug 1. No real email (html)... So, I am using empower now, the second I heard SP5 dropped it.

    BTW: For RIM to be relevant (in my opinion). They need to do all I described by the end or beginning of next year.

    That's why I am really worried. A few bug fixes for 4.5 OS... when...? Aprilish? Maybe later? Eeeek! RIM you better start getting your guys in motion.

    How long would it take for them to even just revamp the Web Browser at this current rate? Two years? And it sounds like RIM never throws out surprises like Apple?

    I could be wrong on some things here. Just throwing out ideas to help them.
    03-07-08 01:05 PM
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    Please just fix the darn memory leak. It is SO annoying. I am tired of battery pulls to get lost memory back.
    03-09-08 08:44 PM
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    I just call T-Mobile last week and ask about the 4.3/4.5 OS release, and the rep say "I don't know...", so I doubt any date is out there right now......
    03-11-08 12:26 AM
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    Curious, not to be rude, did you read the beggining of the post? Information came from a seminar T-mobile and RIM put on in Detroit last week for business customers. The release dates were right from the RIM people who were putting on the seminar.

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    03-11-08 02:10 AM
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    In detroit huh? That's where I live (well suburbs of).
    03-11-08 02:21 AM
  11. SLVR6's Avatar
    Yep, suburbs also for me (and most of us!). Live in Brighton, work in Auburn Hills mostly. You?
    03-11-08 09:18 AM
  12. sunkast's Avatar
    I'm in Canton, and I work all over, though my company is based in Ferndale.
    03-11-08 12:53 PM
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    This is my current configuration

    Blackberry 8120 v4.3.0.91 (platform
    cryptographic kernel v3.8.5.11c

    voicesignal vsuite 2.1 version 2088
    I can record video
    I can record voice notes
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    03-18-08 11:19 PM
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    8320 v4.3.1.27 (75) Platform

    Can do both also

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    03-19-08 05:57 PM
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    As we sit and wait....as the world turns I'm sure we will see a lot of post about the OS updates around April 01.
    03-19-08 06:23 PM
  16. marcel85's Avatar
    i hope something happens soon im tired of waiting
    03-20-08 02:27 AM
  17. prophecyny7's Avatar
    So 4.3 should be out in early april. Guess I can wait until then instead of installing the Beta version that I saw on another post in this forum.
    03-20-08 09:36 AM
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    i have the new 4.5 software! lol its great. little tricky though.
    04-01-08 10:48 PM
  19. claydough's Avatar
    when i say i have it i mean i have the fullest version they're going to have before the release ina few days. the software itslef is only beta and needs bugs fixed its barley an upgrade so far compared to the iphone but in due time over the next year they'l release another full of new items to better compeat witht he i phone.
    04-01-08 10:50 PM
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    also this is a start of a new begining not end of anything but they're begining to relize how media plays a part in they're phones and will continue to release more and more updates, upgrades, and beta versions for trial. this version is stable but needs kinks worked out and thats where we come in we complain to the service orvider they take notes and service the notes to balckberry where they decid how to go about fixing what problems and wich ones are actually problems with the phone's software not just the electronically challenged blackberry user.
    04-01-08 10:54 PM
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    Wow .
    04-02-08 12:20 AM
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    [QUOTE=brian_peterson;171029]To me for RIM to stay competitive, with the iPhone, they need to

    1) Add more media features and make them even cooler
    2) throw in a touch screen to shut people up (I don't like touch screens).
    3) Normal email... I don't even consider HTML as a feature you could leave out. It's a fundamental flaw that is, in my opinion, a bug. Now I know older Blackberry users have gotten use to it. But really, to me it's a bug.
    4) High End browser.

    I don't think they are attempting to stay competitive with the Iphone. I believe they would like to capture some of the Iphone market however. Rim's base customer base is business users. I will only speak for myself and some of my fellow coworkers regarding this issue. I don't have a use for music, videos, or fancy ringtones on my phone. I don't have a use for a touchscreen or a stylus. We want and have been given push email, a good contact system, and a calender that is synced with our office pc. Would I like to be able to store some word, pdf files on a microsd card? Sure, but I would rarely use this function. The is no screen on any phone that is actually usable to read files in my line of work. Would I like html email? Sure, is it that important to me? No, not at all. The majority of the email we use is typically one to two lines without pictures or links. Is a internet brower useful? For me, not really. I will check some sports scores or maybe the weather, but once again, the screens on all phones are too small to be worth using.

    I'm not disregarding your comments. I think they are good points. I am sure that RIM like most companies wants to expand their customer base and by offering a phone that has similiar if not better features to the Iphone would be a good move. Do I personally want the features of the Iphone, no, not really because I don't have any need for them. Anyhow, just my thoughts.

    Oh and I still want the trackwheel back. I don't ever recall having a discussion about cleaning or having issues with the trackwheel like we do with the rollerball.
    04-02-08 07:00 AM