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    I think that's a matter of Twitter not providing enough characters to articulate.

    That's easy: then the CEO of a large company like that should stop trying to promote policy via ridiculously superficial mediums like Twitter.

    Well... unless they're a ridiculously superficial management of a ridiculously superficial company...
    04-03-14 04:17 PM
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    That's easy: then the CEO of a large company like that should stop trying to promote policy via ridiculously superficial mediums like Twitter.

    Well... unless they're a ridiculously superficial management of a ridiculously superficial company...
    I'm no fan of the man myself. He's a tool. But its kinda easy to understand the point when you're not trying to assume the worst in every post online. Yeah, he's a ******, but to be fair, he wasn't taking a potshot in the manner many would like to believe.
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    04-03-14 04:27 PM
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    This shows the power of Twitter to get these many responses from one little tweet.

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    04-03-14 04:30 PM
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    Seriously? I don't even know what to say to this, other than, you don't even understand the references you are using.
    I'm referring about how they run their business. They have tons of lobbyist trying to change laws to limit any kind of open internet laws on wireless.

    Opinion: Verizon Wireless is Being an Anti-Competitive *** | DSLReports, ISP Information
    04-03-14 04:31 PM
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    There is no need to know any "back story". What they did was sleazy and opportunist, no matter how you slice it. The End.
    T-mobile is responsible to their shareholders, and although they had a liscencing agreement with Blackberry, they have the same liscencing agreements with samsung and apple. If t-mobile can make MORE money by inticing their current BB clients to switch, you are saying they should not out of some misplaced loyalty for a company that they already decided to stop carrying their headsets in their retail stores ? Really ?

    when this was signed the idea was that the relationship would be mutually beneficial. it wasnt because no one ( alright not enough) wanted any BB phones. T-mobile's succes is NOT and has NEVER been tied to BB success.

    If T-mobile had interjected itself into BB's internal business ( ie which handsets to release and when) people would be HOWLING about carrier interference, but the same people think that BB has a right, neigh a DUTY , to tell T-mobile how they should promote the brand when its clear they make more money by promoting anything but a blackberry.

    T-mobile and BB tried to make a go of it, T-mobile determined that it was not working out and acted in its best interest. if what is good for T-mobile is bad for BB, you expect them to funnel money in an uber competitive market with razor thin margins to another company ? T-mobile is not in the business of altruism.

    I can see that if the demand for BB rivaled that of the fruit and for a completely different reason BB was in dire straits, then it might make sense in the long run to help keep an independent company afloat based on the promise of future revenues. But BB has NEVER been as desirable in the consumer market as the fruit and that is not going to change any time soon ( if it does change the chasm will likely get bigger). Chen has said that they intend to focus less on consumer markets which is largely T-mobiles bread and butter. If they have clearly mutually exclusive paths going forward, maintaining the relationship in order to lose more money whose recoup is very very questionable makes zero sense. So the agreement ended, Tmobile and BB might have been dating, but they sure as heck were not married.
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    04-03-14 04:54 PM
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    Not something I personally care much about, but it's an interesting idea.
    It is. Best ecosystem set up yet.

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    04-03-14 05:31 PM
  7. sixpacker's Avatar
    Feel free to stop reading and wagging your judgemental finger anytime.
    The tweet was nothing, that's my point.
    Try and keep on topic in future and avoid bad mouthing other posters.
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    04-03-14 05:36 PM
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    So this thread didn't really go as planned.


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    There was a plan?

    04-03-14 05:48 PM
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    There is no need to know any "back story". What they did was sleazy and opportunist, no matter how you slice it. The End.
    I disagree, as unlike you I am fully aware that almost nothing is completely black and white, particularly in business. If, for example (I repeat, EXAMPLE only), Legere knew that in a week BBRY was going to drop them and TMo internal discussions raised the possibility that they would have a loyalist exodus, I can completely see that as CEO, he needs to try to entice said users to stay.

    Is it anywhere close to the truth? Hell if I know. But sounds as reasonable as anything else spouted here.

    Oh, now that's rich.

    Do you think the Moon landing was faked too?

    --> oh looky here, it's a /s tag, that you clearly needed the first time around as well.
    04-03-14 06:03 PM
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    what a loser. when a loser like that can become CEO it makes you wonder about this world sometimes... geez what a system. The system should be better and not allowe these ppl to get to the top...when they are lowered ranked.
    04-03-14 06:52 PM
  11. Rello's Avatar
    what is your point here? Is BlackBerry wrong in their response? Hey guess what....it works both ways but then why bother with the bothersome details....I see the usual suspects like your post
    I thought the point was pretty clear honestly.

    I have no control over who likes any posts of mine, and really, what makes them the "usual suspects"? Just because they don't share the same opinion as u?

    The thread wad labeled as the CEO dissing BlackBerry. He said nothing when remotely harming to any BlackBerry user in the pics provided....especially in the OP.

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    04-03-14 07:45 PM
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    Blackberry has suffered from disinterest and, even more frequently, blatant hostility in the US market for years now. NONE of that is a surprise.

    So you have to have some perspective here. We are talking about differences that begin from an extremely low level of interest overall.

    The fact you can find the devices at all at Verizon actually makes them stand out. That's just the reality of the brand in this region.

    As I keep telling people, it's going to get worse before it gets better. The smartphone market right now in developed markets like the USA is ridiculously competitive, NO vendor and I mean NO vendor except Apple and Samsung are making any money on smartphones, and it takes hundreds of millions of dollars thrown into the market just to have a minimal presence. BlackBerry does NOT have that kind of money to throw out right now, especially since the likelihood of getting any significant return on that investment at this point is virtually nil.

    In short, the smartphone market in the USA right now is out of reach to BlackBerry for all practical purposes, and that's not going to change for AT LEAST a year or two while BlackBerry tries to stabilize the company by building their more promising enterprise software/MDM business, a couple of select international markets (ie Indonesia) and get some consistent revenue flowing.

    Until then, I suggest people get used to not seeing much in the way of BlackBerry smartphones at retail for a while. That's just the facts of life at the moment.
    Hey, u have no argument from me on any of that lol. Its definitely gonna get worse before it gets better. I just didn't think the CEO's tweets were as bad as some mad it out to be. That's just my opinion though. Hopefully down the road these two companies can reconcile because Tmobile offers me the best value. I would love to have an option to buy my devices in store

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    04-03-14 07:55 PM
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