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    T-Mobile just couldn?t leave good enough alone. They are once again targeting BlackBerry customers with another upgrade to a different platform. This time they are offering BlackBerry users up to $200 to upgrade to a Samsung device. If you are due for an upgrade T-Mobile will give defectors up to a $200 prepaid MasterCard to upgrade to a Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, or Galaxy Light.

    I guess this is T-Mobile?s way to prove that they are still ?committed to BlackBerry fans and users? as they have stated before. Check out the offer page for the upgrade here. Hopefully BlackBerry is working with other carriers to make a compelling counteroffer.

    T-Mobile Offering BlackBerry Customers $200 to Upgrade to a Samsung - BerryReview

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    04-11-14 05:30 PM
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    04-11-14 05:34 PM

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