1. allisondadams's Avatar
    Good morning BB users,
    Question about GPS on my Blackberry Pearl 8110.

    I have AT&T and do not use their pay per month GPS plan. I know that my phone has GPS included, but does it automatically work on Google Latitude if I don't use the AT&T GPS application (that you have to pay for each month)?

    I mean, if I have GPS on the phone, then why is my location SO off, almost off my 3/4 of a mile? Is the GPS feature just not supported in my location?

    When I'm at work, it says I'm 1/2 a mile away, and when I'm home, it shows me in my home. Just wondering if the GPS automatically works for Latitude or if I have to change a setting or something.

    07-28-09 10:48 AM