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    Just a quickie

    Can my BB e sync'd with two computers?
    I would like to sync it with my work and my home PC. They're both running XP and MS office 2003. I would imagen all my data from outlook would just be sync'd on to my work pc and visa versa...
    08-08-08 06:51 AM
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    I would like to know the answer to this too


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    08-08-08 06:56 AM
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    I'll look into this, but I've got to go out at the mo!

    What if you set up both of the folders on each PC to merge over the web? Mesh them or something? That way you sync on one, then it connects to the web and syncs with another one.

    I've not a clue, but from namedropping over the past year I've heard of FolderShare and Live Mesh could possibly suffice. But I've no idea and only know the principle of these.

    Another possibility is Mozilla Weave - storing FireFox data up in the cloud. It's in Alpha but when it comes out, it'll have an API so developers can write stuff to store in the cloud too. So maybe something could be hacked together to sync both Firefox's and then work some jiggery pokery with the BB.

    Will look into it further later.
    08-08-08 07:18 AM
  4. Hot-Fix's Avatar
    okies keep me posted
    08-08-08 11:01 AM
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    In depth (screenshots! )

    Alrighty then! Here goes - no assurances as I haven't tested this out, since I don't have the BB software on 2 PCs. But the principle is correct, and it should work

    Removed because it's just confusing. Read the link above instead

    Let me know if it works!

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    08-10-08 08:31 AM
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    I also just thought of something else. Its more restrictive but if you don't have internet at home, it works. If you've got a network it works too.

    Ensure that your C:\ drive of one PC is accessible across the network. Make it writeable. If possible, use an external drive - as if your LAN network is hacked, your hard drive is at risk. Then, for example:

    If PC1 is your base, where all the backups/syncs are stored, then set up PC2 so that under BlackBerry Desktop Manager > Data Folder click "Use this specified folder" and prefix \\PC1(instead of PC1, use the computers name)\c\users\lloyd\appdata\research in motion\blackberry That way, it backs up directly onto one PC.

    The only downside is, if that PC dies, you're screwed for backups. With Foldershare, if one PC dies, the backups are on the other PC as well

    Let me know if you're on XP, I'll re-write it so it's easier to understand (the foldershare one)
    08-10-08 08:39 AM
  7. Lloyd_Humph's Avatar
    Did it work for any of you?
    08-11-08 09:59 PM
  8. jimmers's Avatar
    I sync with two computers without a problem. I sync with my work computer and my home computer.
    08-11-08 10:03 PM
  9. jborfeo's Avatar
    I am currently using three different pcs right now to sync with. I have my work pc, home desktop, & laptop. Problem is that recently I have been having trouble syncing to the laptop. It keeps trying to install the OS when I load DM. It just started doing this. I have uninstalled, and re-installed the OS. Its the same OS on all three pcs. Any thoughts?
    08-19-08 06:26 AM
  10. jtreeves's Avatar
    I sync with two computers without a problem. I sync with my work computer and my home computer.
    Same here. I have DM 4.5 at home and DM 4.3 at work. I couldn't get 4.5 to load successfully on the work PC.

    The sync works fine on both machines. I have it set up differently between the PCs. Only the calendar data is two-way on the work pc. The directory, memos and todos are all one-way from the PC to the phone.

    When you set up sync on the second machine, be sure to pay close attention to the direction of the sync from pc to bb.

    08-19-08 03:34 PM