1. emmajt81's Avatar
    Hi guys

    New here - from the UK - have BB Bold and addicted to it! Had it since Jan but just have a couple of questions.

    The phone has BIS so it reconciles my Inbox on MS Outlook. When I move an email from Outlooks inbox to say for example a Travel folder in my inbox it then removes it from my Blackberry at the next reconcile - this is highly annoying! Is there a way of once the email is in my Blackberry keeping it there, no matter what I do to it on Outlook? For example, I am going away soon, and are getting travel itineraries through, flight details etc. They come into Outlook, then into my BB, and then I would like to file them away in a travel folder on Outlook but keep them in my BB so I can reference them nice and easy when I get to the airport or the hotel or whatever.

    Is there anyway of doing this, because I don't want these emails in my inbox on Outlook, just the inbox on the Blackberry!!!

    Thanks in advance
    08-21-09 06:32 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    You haven't heard the worst... if your calender is not set to Keep Forever, after 60 days the events will be deleted. Guess what happens with the default Sync setup? Your Outlook Calender gets purged.

    On your BlackBerry, highlight a message, press Menu / Save. In future, when you Delete Prior messges, it will not delete the saved messages.

    08-21-09 10:03 AM
  3. emmajt81's Avatar
    Thanks very much Reed I will give it a try - didn't know about that (would help if the Bold came with a proper manual in the box wouldn't it )

    Thanks for your help!!
    08-21-09 10:32 AM