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    I am looking for a convenient solution to sync to-do list via web.
    Ideally, it should be a simple text editor, like MemoPad, which would allow to edit offline the to-do list as a text file, and this text file should be automatically synced to my PC computers via web data connection. These text files should be editable on the PC offline as well. Of course there should be some way of solving conflicts for cases, when the same file has been edited offline at two computers, but the logic here is relatively simple - much simpler than is used for syncing addressbooks by plaxo for example...

    So far, the available solutions are very imperfect.
    Google notes, for example allow some sense of syncing, but are slow to get started and don't work offline.
    Google calendar sync is very good , is editable offline , syncs automatically, but there is no place for to do list in it.
    Google docs are not editable from BB.
    Plaxo syncs notes only via computer, not via web. I guess, this is most usable solution so far...
    12-04-08 09:54 AM
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    So... is there a solution?
    12-19-08 04:19 PM
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    Note from other site:

    Yank in Ulster said:

    The quick answer is �no easy way� to synch Blackberry MemoPad with any online service.

    Yet my best solution is to use Upvise (). I set up a free personal account, then from my mobile install their mobile app.

    Then, use their Notebooks feature. For the first go, I had to cut-and-past my Blackberry MemoPad notes onto my Upvise webpage. But thereafter, my Upvise Notebooks on my mobile and Upvise web account are always in synch. Nice bonus is that your Upvise Notebooks remain available to access and edit, even if you mobile service is off = out-of-range.

    Upvise also features a clean RSS reader and nifty text-only based Wikipedia search and display reader, for your mobile.

    There is also a Shopping List feature, which I do not use. But I am looking forward to their implementation of a Task List feature, which may negate the need for Remember the Milk app (and its $25 annual fee; Upvise Personal edition is free).

    Good luck!
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    12-19-08 04:56 PM