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    Hi Guys
    Just got a new win 7 64 bit laptop. I have been syncing my Sprint Bold 9650 with BB DT software ver plus an old Toshiba laptop thats in Europe to Outlook 2007. Want to retire the old Toshiba and sync with my Dell Vista and HP 64 bit win 7

    Downloaded the Outlook 2007 to New 64 Bit but when I trid to get to BB version
    I cant figure out how. The original CD loads BB DT manager 5.0 .1.37 Mar 10 2010 that came on disk when I first got my Bold 9650. It does not have an update option anywhere in Desktop help . Could I have made a mistake in custom install that does not allow the Desktop update ?

    Keeps trying to get me to update device to 6.0 but did that once and am happy with 5.0. Cant find ver anywhere but 4shared. Should I uninstall the disk ver 5.0 from sprint and load that other one from 4shared?

    Cant find ver bundle 34 anywhere on BB site . Will I have problem with 64 bit system as I have hear lots of peole with DTOP ver 7 ?
    07-21-12 04:45 PM