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    What is the best way to sync single addresses or addressbooks between Gmail, Thunderbird and Blackberry? I want to put in new addresses only once in one place.

    Sync'ing agenda's for example between Google, TB and BB works fine so I guessed that for addresses it shouldn't be more difficult.

    Any suggestions?

    Or anyone with experience in using addressbook from Seabird internet suite?
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    11-29-08 09:12 AM
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    Don't know the answer, but am interested if you find a good solution. I love Thunderbird but getting addresses the same in all three places (computer, Gmail, BB) is a pain. I thought that Google Sync would help with the BB/Gmail sync but so far it is too buggy to be sufficiently reliable.
    11-29-08 11:41 AM
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    I've been doing a lot of experimentation lately to find a good solution. In Thunderbird I've tried two extensions: Google Contacts, which seems to work pretty darn well, and Provider for Google Calendar, which also is working well. The chink in the armor so far is Google Sync, which occasionally fails, plus it is doesn't get some contacts or calendar entries, especially when they were added in my Blackberry. It seems to have issues with the two-way sync, at least on occasion.

    So far I'm pretty happy with both extensions, which I've been using with Lightning. You do have to tweak Google Contacts, however -- it only uses the display name because of Google's API, so I had to manually reorganize that to put last name first. Warning -- you cannot go from Thunderbird to Gmail, however -- it essentially takes what you have in Gmail and puts it in a new address book in Thunderbird. Once you get it there, however, you can drag exisiting address book cards to the new Gmail one. Haven't seen whether they will sync right yet, though. I put in a few just to test for now.

    You might play with these two extensions to see how they work for you.
    12-09-08 05:01 PM