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    This is making me crazy.

    Two days ago I had my BB Bold hooked up to our work BES server.

    Prior to that, I had my BB hooked up to my Yahoo account. I still do. I want the thing to synchronize my BB contacts and my Yahoo contacts. It did that fine until I hooked up to the BES server.

    Today when I synched it, first it told me that wireless synch had to be turned off or it wouldn't synch with Yahoo. I did that. Then it added all my contacts from both my Yahoo account (not synched them--it duplicated them on the BB) AND it added my contacts from my Lotus Notes work application.

    That's not what I want. I want it to synch only with my Yahoo account contacts and ignore the Lotus account contacts.

    I deleted (one by one) all contacts on the BB and tried synching with Yahoo again and now it's giving me the same message about the wireless synch needing to be turned off--but it already is! Now it won't synch at all with Yahoo!

    Anybody know anything about this? I'd be indebted to you for life...


    12-05-08 09:43 AM
  2. DT Jesus's Avatar

    Anybody? I deleted all my contacts and added them again from Yahoo, but now when I try to sych with Yahoo again, it doesn't recognize that the contacts are already on the BB, and tries to add them all again.
    12-08-08 02:44 PM