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    I got my first bb about two weeks ago and until today have found it a breeze to set up and use, I guess that's one of the key advantages with blackberrys.

    I have just had my first (and hopefully last) problem with it and I can't find a solution in the help menu, on this forum nor on the official website.

    I have two profiles on my laptop, one personal and one for business each with its own outlook email. When I first got the bb I set up two seperate email accounts on the device, I then set this to sync contacts, calander, tasks and contacts with my personal profile then a seperate sync with my business profile. I was delighted with the results, 2 seperate email in boxes on my hand held with one contacts list, task list and calander - exactly what I wanted.

    Today, however, after syncing my personal outlook, I tried to sync with my business outlook but couldn't get it to work, I repeatedly got the message "unknown error reported"

    Can anyone help?

    (My bb is a curve 8520)
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