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    Ok, here's a tough one. I'm using a Bold 9700 if it matters.

    I am self-employed. I have three emails registered to my blackberry. Business, personal and family. I also have facebook mobile.

    Under Options>default options>calendar, I have all 3 emails and Facebook as options. Of course given that a good 80% of my calendaring is done for business I have my business email selected.

    I also though put personal items in my calendar on my blackberry using the colors assigned to it for the other emails. For example, family get-together, pesonal dinner dates or functions or virtually anything non-work related.

    When I sync to outlook though, only items entered using my business email are synchronized with outlook (Outlook 2007 by the way on Windows 7).

    Is there a way to run a sync that will sync ALL my calendar items and not just the default one selected in advanced options>default services?

    When I am working away at my office desktop and am scheduling business items I need to be able to see if there are any personal conflicts without having to resort to looking at my blackberry.

    So, now that you understand my predicament, is there any way to sync ALL calendars from blackberry to outlook. By the way, I know that one option is to just schedule everything using the default calendar but I need to be able to easily ascertain the difference for billing and tracking purposes.

    Thanks to all who reply in advance. I am using the latest blackberry desktop

    09-24-10 11:24 AM