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    Hi folks,

    Guys, I'm going CRAZY. I bought a BB because everybody was saying that it offers the best email experience in the world. Well...for now...it's worse than Windows Mobile 6! The iPhone client was a candy compared to this, and Android was like an entire cake!

    1) I receive A LOT of emails. Like...hundreds of emails, which I mostly reply with "do it", "ok", "I'll be there" and other "Jobs'alike replies".

    2) I don't need to filter my Inbox more than I filter it now. So I really need to read/reply all these messages.

    3) When I read a message on my BB, it appears as read on the GMail Apps webinterface. Same with deletion. So BB -> works like a charm.

    These are my "frustrations":

    4) When I read a message on the webmail, NOTHING happens on the BB. It's very frustrating! I'm forced to read the same email twice most of the time I'm at the office, as obviously at the office I'm using a computer/tablet to read/reply.

    5) I was informed that BB can Sync my contacts with GMail. Well...it doesn't. It's not a configuration error, the "Contacts" and "Calendar" options are checked within the configuration. Please see the attached image. When I add a new contact on my BB, it really doesn't pops up on my GMail contacts. I've waited 4-5 days for it to sync and really nothing happens!

    6) Every message I send from webmail appears like a new message on the BB (though I'm lucky, it appears as being read). This is very annoying!

    So, from 200 mails/day, I'm reading like...600 at the end: 200 "normal" messages, 200 "duplicated" messages on the BB, and 200 "replies" from myself on the BB. Again, it's driving me crazy and I really don't think this is the promised BB "dream experience".

    NOTE: I'm using GMail (personal) and Google Apps (corporate) for all my email accounts, so this problem is persistent on all my accounts, including Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

    Is this thing normal on the BB, or something is not set correctly?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Anobody...? Is this a known issue or...?
    09-23-11 07:42 AM
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    My device works as normal with open and read reconcile via device and Gmail via web.

    I also use contact sync for my Gmail account. It updates both ways, If I edit a contact via device, or via the web. May take a few seconds, but it completes with out issue.

    I also Sync calendar with out any issues.

    I can completely wipe my device of all info, re-setup my BIS to my device and with in 30 min or so. All calendar, contacts are synced up with the device..... So BIS sync DOES WORK

    I know that some have issue using Google sync App via their device. ......
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    09-23-11 07:54 AM
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    For point 5, I think you need Google Sync ( google.com/mobile/sync/ ) in order to sync your contacts & calendar. Once you install it, it should work perfectly.

    As for point 4, I heard that the 2 way sync between bb & webmail isn't perfect in the sense that when you read an item on webmail, it could take up to an hour for it to be marked read on your bb. A temporary work around on ur bb could be to simply select all the emails you've read on webmail (hold the left shift button on your bb & scroll down your messages to automatically select multiple items) then press the menu button and select "mark opened." This would probably take 2 seconds & u can mark 100s of emails read as opposed 2 manually opening each email individually.

    I'm not sure about point 6 but I'm sure there's a solution... Just wait till someone else answers you..
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    09-23-11 07:58 AM
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    My device works as normal with open and read reconcile via device and Gmail via web.
    What's your GMail configuration? Only IMAP active?

    NOTE: I've waited days, not hours, for the sync to happen (mail, contacts, calendar) but in my case really nothing happens...
    09-23-11 08:38 AM
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    Yep only IMAP. and default settings in there as well.
    09-23-11 08:43 AM
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    Yep only IMAP. and default settings in there as well.
    If you can remember, when setting up the GMail account, were you asked for the GMail port, server, etc? As I'm not...

    When I add any GMail account, my provider - Orange - asks me just for the email address and password. When clicking next I'm offered the services. I check what services I want to sync and that's all...

    I've tried to insert a dummy hostname in order to force the service to allow me specify an IMAP server, but the result is the same...
    09-23-11 08:51 AM
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    Same settings for me also.

    Enter in Gmail address
    Enter Password
    Choose sync info.

    09-23-11 08:55 AM
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    Same settings for me also.
    Enter in Gmail address
    Enter Password
    Choose sync info.
    Great...so seems that I'm not doing anything wrong. I really don't know what's happening but one thing is clear: I can't use my BB this way.

    Later edit: I'm on the phone with Orange, maybe it's an error from their side. I'll keep you updated.

    Later edit 2: When replying 15 minutes ago I also sent myself an email. I'm attaching a photo with the "result"... It's self-explanatory...

    Later edit 3: in order to force a sync, I've also deleted the message from the webmail. It disappeared from Outlook, iPhone, Android, even from the good ol' Windows Mobile. The BB didn't move an inch, still stating that the message is still unread, in the Inbox.
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    It's not an error on Orange's side. There is NO true 2-way sync for GMail currently on a Blackberry. Messages that you read/delete on your computer will either not show up that way on your Blackberry or it will take several hours to sync, and even then it's very spotty. Yahoo is true 2-way sync with a Blackberry, but currently GMail isn't. It's a known and very annoying issue.
    09-23-11 09:14 AM
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    The message web to BlackBerry sync usually takes a while (hours). Contacts and calendar BIS sync usually works well for me.

    You can change your BlackBerry message settings so sent items aren't shown if the sent mail sync bugs you. Sent mail sync is actually one of the things I like about the gmail BIS (yahoo doesn't sync sent items but read/unread reconciliation is basically immediate).

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    09-23-11 09:22 AM
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    This may help clear things up a bit.

    09-23-11 09:26 AM
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    After spending 45 minutes at the phone with a (very kind) Orange representative (thanks Bogdan!) the solution was:
    1) reinstall BB OS
    2) delete all email accounts from BIS (RIP my ~100 filters)
    3) delete the entire Orange account
    4) start everything from scratch

    I'll come back with a new post after all the previous 4 points are completed.

    Good job Blackberry, keep up the "good work"!
    09-23-11 10:00 AM
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    After reinstalling BB OS and recreating my BIS account on Orange's server things are far more better.

    Now...I need to catch up and sync the changes from the last two months of "un-synced device" with my GMail Contacts. Can you please take a look at this topic?
    09-23-11 02:40 PM
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    This may help clear things up a bit.

    If you did a poll I guarantee that most people don't even have web>blackberry sync with GMail in two hours. Sometimes it syncs in a few hours, but most of the time it takes far longer (if it even syncs).
    09-23-11 04:38 PM