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    I'm new to Blackberry (bold/at&t) coming from a AT&T Tilt (HTC). I've found ways to do just about all the things I'm used to doing, sync calendar, contacts, etc.

    But one thing I'm really struggling with is that I often change word docs on my media card on the bold (now with Docs to Go standard) and want them sync'd with my laptop when I connect (doesn't have to be wired, can be each time I connect with USB). I see nothing in the Desktop Manager for this even though some of the choices hint at it.

    Is there really nothing to do this, or explore files on my media card on the phone? I don't want to have to pop the media card out of the phone each time to do it, it's a pita to get it out of the bold. I've been searching appworld, etc but don't find anything suitable.

    i want to keep the docs on my phone or the laptop (windows xp), and not stored on somebody else's web site. I have desktop manager 5 and OS

    TIA, Bill
    09-21-09 09:45 PM