1. picasso7's Avatar
    I know i know... im probably the only person here that doesnt have an internet connection.... but i assure you its very complicated!!

    anyways guys.... can you help me to sync my BB S with DM5 .... when i try it asks for internet, which i cant give it. is there no way to by pass this!?!?

    plus... why would it need internet anyway!?

    thanks a lot!!
    09-04-09 04:08 AM
  2. Craterz's Avatar
    I believe its possible, but not sure how. It uses the internet to check for updates.

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    09-04-09 04:44 AM
  3. picasso7's Avatar
    Or i could hook my BB up as the modem, and let it do its thing.... of course it cost me about €1.50, but it did the trick.

    however, if i am abroad, i wouldnt be able to do the same thing. so it would be really helpful if someone has a work around the internet access sync!


    Thanks guys!
    09-04-09 04:24 PM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Do a remove, then re-install of BlackBerry Desktop Manger and de-select the option to Check for Updates.
    09-04-09 04:32 PM