1. BirdHand's Avatar
    Just saw this in the Calgary Herald.

    Sync.com looking to take on the cloud storage elite

    Sounds interesting. Anyone else using it?
    Claims to be launching with full BlackBerry support as well.
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    02-05-14 05:10 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    One can never have enough cloud storage. Just signed up. We'll see how it goes. I like the "no file size limit".
    02-05-14 06:15 PM
  3. Smitty13's Avatar
    Interesting. I've been looking for a secure cloud storage provider for a while that will offer a native BlackBerry app. I have since loaded an android copy of Wuala when 10.2.1 got released.

    If these guys can match the security Wuala or SpiderOak provides, I would love to give them a shot.
    02-06-14 12:01 AM
  4. quik4life's Avatar
    I'm definitely keeping my eye on this. I love how it's secure, Canadian, and they don't know what files I store.

    It's pretty hard to beat 500GB of storage for only $50 too.

    I'm beta testing the Windows sync program to see how smoothly it runs, but I won't switch completely over until they have a native BB10 similar to or better than the current Dropbox integration.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 09:49 PM
  5. eldricho's Avatar
    Might look into this!

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 09:54 PM
  6. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Sounds interesting. Just signed up for the beta. One can never have enough cloud storage

    Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!
    02-07-14 12:00 AM
  7. thanasi's Avatar
    BlackBerry should buy them! They could call their cloud storage BlackBerry Sync. It's perfect.

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-14 04:21 AM
  8. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Interesting; I'm trying the beta on windows, apart from the security it's no different to any other cloud storage.

    You can easily put a locked container in DropBox too.
    02-07-14 05:03 AM

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