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    Just got off the phone with Verizon billing. During the discussion, I was told that if I swap phones (go to the Verizon site and switch devices and hit *228 on the phone), the system would see the activation of the phone as being a "customer provided phone" and the warranty would be ended.

    Example: I have a Storm. I buy an Android. Verizon activates the Android. The next day I switch to the Storm. The next day I go back to the Android. The billing guy says that switch back to Android triggers the system to declare my Android to be a "customer provided phone" and the warranty goes POOF.

    Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Doesn't make sense to me, but whatever.

    EDIT: I got clarification from Verizon. It seems that reactivating a new phone DOES indeed flag that phone as a "customer provided phone", BUT IF you have a warranty issue later on with said phone, Verizon reps will review the purchase date and the MEID to determine that the phone is indeed covered by the 1 year warranty. that makes more sense!
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    That sounds bogus. Maybe it's for VZW though. When I was GSM side, I use to switch devices all the time and when/if I needed a replacement, I always got it.
    03-20-11 12:15 PM
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    How can VZW register any phone's IMEI # once, then when the same IMEI # is reregistered on the same customers account, it is now something different? That 1 year warranty is for that IMEI/phone. Shouldn't matter how many times it is activated for use on the network.

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    03-20-11 12:20 PM
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    Yes, I know it sounds bogus, goofy, whatever. But that's what the guy said. I discussed it with him at length to be sure I was clear about his comments. Still, it doesn't make any sense.
    03-20-11 12:36 PM
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    Issue resolved: see the bolded text in my first post--Verizon clarified the earlier comments made by the first rep I spoke with today.
    03-20-11 12:49 PM
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    I never heard of that.
    03-23-11 10:37 AM
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    I ran into the same problem when I was trying out phones (all BlackBerrys) to make sure they worked perfectly before I sold them and switched back to my BB that I had purchased on contract...but Verizon did honor exactly what is printed in your bolded text.
    03-23-11 11:17 AM