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    Well, I'm switching from the Storm2 to the Bold 9650 (got the Bold as a gift to hold me over until the Monaco is released since my S2 pretty much just doesn't work).. BUT, I have never switched from a touch-screen to a non-touch screen, so I know that all of my apps and themes won't be compatible... so basically, I'm going to use the Device switch wizard from the S2 to the Bold, but how should I go about switching over my app world purchases and my crackberry purchases? Do I just log in to app world with my BB ID and have it tell me what is compatible and not (I also don't want to pay for apps I've already purchased on my S2 to transfer... ex BerryBuzz, BerryWeather, Quicklaunch, etc).

    I know that for CB purchases I just have to switch my PIN in my account at the CB store and most purchases will be carried over from there.

    ALSO, I will be upgrading to OS6 AFTER I do the device switch wizard...

    So, I guess please give me general advice and info about the best way to go about transferring just about everything from my S2 to the Bold (except themes, those I know won't transfer).

    03-19-11 02:02 AM
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    just do the device wizard as you stated. if you find certain apps arent working right, just delete them then go into appworld and redownload them. as for your paid apps, just update your PIN on the website for the app vendor (mobihand for example) then they will resend you a new activation key. you wont have to buy them again. worst case, you can email the vendor and they will help you straighten things out once you get your phone all set up.
    03-19-11 02:25 AM
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    I was actually about to post a similar question about the tether app, as I am considering buying it but won't be on this device for much longer, was hoping there was a way to not have to repurchase it when I get my next phone.

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    03-19-11 06:56 AM
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    just contact the vendor and tell them you are switching devices. they will happily transfer your license to the new device.
    03-19-11 07:37 AM
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    I generally save all my activation codes on an email account. Just switch stuff over and I re-download the app that needs it and go to email and check code, bingo-bango....

    Just trying to help for future situations.

    Good luck

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    03-19-11 07:59 AM