1. sahilp17's Avatar
    Hey everyone here's my question. We hear different things everyday, BlackBerry looking for a partner, BlackBerry looking to sell, BlackBerry look for strategic options. I don't care what it is, take your pick. But let's say something, anything, does happen. Will our current BlackBerry 10 models continue to receive support? I'm a Z10 owner with no complaints about the phone but I'm locked in for 2 years and I need to know if I can hope for my device to receive, for example, an official 10.2 update, new apps, etc. What do you guys think, support or no support?
    09-04-13 05:12 PM
  2. bobauckland's Avatar
    I have no idea but it does concern me.
    If they do sell by November and the new owners see a shift away from consumers, as they may well do, we could very quickly be left with very expensive devices and no future support or no features.
    09-04-13 05:14 PM

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