1. TheStoryUp's Avatar
    I have an idea for a Blackberry horizontal flip phone. I'm not good enough at CAD software to do this on my own, and it would take me forever using SolidWorks. I think it a very cool concept so just here me out.

    First it would be the same size and form factor as the Z30 although a bit thicker probably. A Z10 size might be more realistic if the device became to heavy.

    Consider a Z30 that is cut down the middle and would flip horizontally to reveal a full qwerty keyboard with a top row for numbers, and since there will be lots of real estate other shortcut could be added. A tool belt would have to make an appearance on the bottom of the keyboard, but what would be really great is to have some sort of trackpad in center of the keyboard (TYG keys). Maybe use the touch-sensitive (capacitive) keyboard technology we've heard about recently to integrate a "trackpad like" feature into the keys.

    OK two main features in the design would first be the use of Samsungs "True Double Sided Touchscreen" for the display on the outside and inside of the device. So there wouldn't be two screens it would just be double sided and capable of displaying a different image on each side of the display. Here's a old link to when Samsung first came out with this technology.

    Samsung unveils "world's first truly double-sided LCD"

    So the two side of the screens would be the same size and resolution, but much thinner and cheaper than having two separate screens. A downside is that it would probably be heavier than the current screen in the Z30.

    Another main feature would be to have a 13mp camera on the inside and backside of the device. The camera on the inside would be in the center of device above the number keys. The outside camera would be where the current camera on the Z30 is now.

    Now since there would be so much real estate on the inside for the keyboard I'm sure other features could be added in the extra space. Maybe some media keys, stylus or some top notch speakers.

    Style 10 is a bad name but whatever, you can change it. Also the colour should be white, black, blue or red. With the keys illuminated with the option of white, blue or red.

    Props to any that wants to tackle this. I would suggest a red model, spice it up a bit.

    03-08-14 12:33 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Sounds like an interesting concert. Hope someone can draw it up for you.
    03-10-14 10:46 AM
  3. TheStoryUp's Avatar
    I wanted to add one change. The inside camera should be on the screen side, not above the keyboard. That way you can tilt the camera to your own preference.

    03-10-14 03:41 PM

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