1. bryanyoung's Avatar
    I was wondering how you subscribe to threads when you're viewing the forums from your BlackBerry? I didn't know if I was looking over something or not.
    02-26-09 10:21 AM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    only way to do it is to view the full site from opera mini or set up from your pc to subscribe to every thread you post in
    02-26-09 10:22 AM
  3. Hennessy62082's Avatar
    At the top of your post the tab that says "Thread Tools" click and a menu will drop down and the option to subscribe is there
    02-26-09 11:08 AM
  4. bryanyoung's Avatar
    There is no "Thread Tools" when I'm viewing from my BlackBerry. I'm only usung the WAP site not the full site. Thanks uncheels23.

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    02-26-09 11:11 AM