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    So just got a work BB and its set up on the Enterprise Server. I have my main inbox, then I have a business folder with a bunch of sub folders.

    On Outlook at work I set up a bunch of filters to redirect mail to these sub folders and some I just manually moved. On my BB I'm unable to see any messages in any subfolders, the only messages that show up are in the Inbox.

    How do I get all the messages to show up (or at least the new ones)

    This is on a Blackberry Torch.

    Thanks in advance.
    09-27-10 09:10 PM
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    I have the exact same question.

    I have the BOLD 9000 and have been using it personally. I just activated the BES but I am not getting the message redirect folders to show any contents.

    I actually can see the folder names them when I go into VIEW FOLDERs after pressing the BB key in the email area, but they dont show the contents.

    Also, I have so many folders, is there any way to map just the specific ones I want to show up on my BB?

    Update: just noticed in service books it has a O with / through it. So it looks like its an IT policy restriction? could that be?

    Also, I cant accept .ics calendar invites that come to my BB via BIS emails, IT policy problem again.

    I wish we could edit or remove IT policy while still being on the BES.
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    10-28-10 09:33 PM
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    Coxwain I have always read all those extra folders only work on BES berries. I know on mine with BIS they are just wasted space. Maybe you could ask the IT guys to remove the restriction, sounds like that is the case.

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    10-29-10 11:17 AM