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    So Ive had the Jabra BT3030 for almost a year now....no complaints or anything so far.

    But now the last 2 days whenever I start listening to music - the song skips a lil bit towards the beginning of the track. Some times in the middle, but for the most part its always @ the beginning.

    I assume its something to do with the bluetooth connection since it plays fine through the speaker and/or headfone jack.

    Any ideas on what may have suddenly caused this to happen? Its been a champ since day 1, but this is becoming REALLY annoying! Shd I try returning it 2 Jabra since its still under a year old?
    12-03-08 09:20 AM
  2. STYLN's Avatar
    bump back to the top, need sum ideas! lol
    12-11-08 01:56 PM