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    I had been synching my BB8830 to my old Dell desktop without problem. I bought a new laptop and am still using the desktop as somewhat of a backup. I loaded the BB software onto my laptop and synched. (My desktop and laptop had been previously synched using a synch software). My BB-Laptop Synch told me it was going to delete most of my future meetings on my laptop. I rejected and checked that the laptop and the BB had the same future meetings. I backup'd my BB. I then synched again, got the same dialogue box, took "one-note screen shots of the meetings being deleted, and then accepted the synch. When I was finished, the meetings were still on the BB, but they were gone from the laptop. If I resynched, it still left the two looking very different. If I reconfigured synch to go in one direction (from BB to laptop), nothing changed. I still have all of my meetings on my BB, but none of them on my laptop. HELP!
    02-22-09 03:43 PM