1. stev32k's Avatar
    Two weeks ago I received a brand new 8320 curve as a replacement for my fourth defective 8220. The first two days it was super. I had the strongest signals I had ever seen on my network and could make and receive calls in places I never could before.

    On the third day the device disconnected itself from the network. I went in to wifi diagnostics and found an entry that said "authentication error EAK". I thought it must be some temporary network problem as the phone re-connected by itself. About an hour later it disconnected again and again I went into diagnostics again and this time it said under status "invalid IP address". That's strange the router DHCP table says it's connected with a valid address - but the phone starts connecting and disconnecting on about a 15 minute cycle.

    Long story short I spend lots of time on the phone with T-Mobile blackberry tech support, switch SIM cards, drive to a T-Mobile Hot Spot and get the same error. Try one troubleshooting procedure after the other and nothing helps. The device will not accept an IP address.

    In the end I sent it back and a new replacement is due to be delivered tomorrow. Anybody else ever heard of this problem?
    09-20-09 06:46 PM
  2. larrygump's Avatar
    no this is a new one to me....what was tmo's bb support final verdict
    09-21-09 12:02 PM
  3. stev32k's Avatar
    All they could say was it must be defective. They didn't have any idea what the problem was.
    09-21-09 12:41 PM
  4. larrygump's Avatar
    huh.......thats wierd to say the least.....I would love to know what the deal was
    09-21-09 02:16 PM