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    I'm fed up with T-Mobile and their outrageous pricing, and looking for another carrier. The only other one available here is Straight Talk, which I'd love to have, but I want to keep my current phone. On another forum I found some rather complicated instructions for enabling BIS functions on a newer-model Torch, and some have confirmed talk and SMS work. My current phone is a Curve 3G and I have yet to find any info on any model of Curve being used with Straight Talk. I'm trying to put off buying a new phone right now because I'd like to get one of the BB10 phones when they come out and if I ditch my contract I'll have to pay full price. Plus, I really like being able to bridge my PB to my phone and use tethering as my main source of Internet during my long hours at work. And I just plain like my BlackBerry and don't want to give it up.

    So my question to BlackBerry users in general is, does anyone know if it's even possible to use BIS (in my case, email and Internet, I don't use BBM and I could live with having to wait til I got home to my wifi to use App World if necessary) on Curve phones? Does anyone (Curve users or otherwise) use it with a Playbook? How hard is it to change the APN and download/replace the service books? What about an app like Magicberry? Is it possible to switch back to the original carrier after modifying a phone? I guess basically I just want to know whatever anyone has to say that might be helpful--in plain English, of course!

    That's why I posted in the general forum instead of the Curve 3G forum, by the way.
    09-13-12 09:45 PM
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    Straight talk does not support BIS. They would have to pay RIM for access and I doubt that will change. I don't have it in front of me since I am posting his from my phone but the last I checked the faq on their site said blackberry not supported. If you tinker with the APN settings you may get the browser to work but when I triedto help a co worker get the torch 9800 he got from his sister to work.we were unsuccessful.
    09-14-12 12:57 AM
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    Strange you should complain about outrageous pricing from T-Mobile. You ought to check the wireless carrier's pricing in Canada to understand outrageous compared to almost every wireless carrier operating in the United States of America.
    09-14-12 05:45 AM