1. The Grinch's Avatar
    So I've had my Storm for about a year... and I LOVE it, minus the battery pulls I have to do every couple of days for memory drainage, the screen literally getting stuck on a letter when I try to type, memory drain, the home screen being fudged up periodically, e-mail accts still showing one e-mail to read even after I've deleted them all (and not going away after I turn it off and back on) and oh yea did I mention the memory drain? LOL pathetically enough I do still love it and want to get another blackberry. I'm just not sure if I should get the Storm 2, Curve or Bold. Since Verizon Reps aren't the greatest at telling you the problems of the phones... like me having to go to the Verizon store several times for useless help, and luckily stumbling on this website and discovering the memory drain that no one at the store had the nerve to tell me thats what was going on with my phone!! I'm still pissed about that one but I digress... So I'm hoping to get some opinions here. Particularly if you've had one and switched, easier to use, not easier, still a PITA. Whatever you'd like to share I'd appreciate!!! THANKS!!
    06-14-10 10:01 AM
  2. FuzzyB's Avatar
    If you like the first storm you'll LOVE storm 2! I had a curve and while I liked it, it doesn't hold a candle to the S2. IMO the storm 2 is the best BB there is...I am a little biased though.

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    06-14-10 10:21 AM
  3. hoodling's Avatar
    I just upgraded from the Storm to the Bold and I love it. I enjoyed the larger screen on the Storm. It was nice for internet browsing, watching videos, and reading documents but after giving it some thought, I realized the main thing I use my blackberry for is typing. E-mail, txt messages, and BBM. Typing on the Bold is great. I've started using my blackberry more than I use to. I made the change and am very happy with the switch. Though I am still checking the memory every few hours. Hopefully that'll go away. Everytime I check it its still at around 300mb, and that's with something like 15 apps installed. Giving up apps was just something I had to do with storm, so nice to not have to worry about that.

    I'd look at your usage, if you are mainly an e-mail, txt, bbm kind of person go with the Bold. And to be honest, with those applications, the screen on the Bold is larger than what is left on the Storm after the keypad comes up.

    If your more of the games, internet browsing, media person, go with the Storm2.
    06-14-10 02:34 PM
  4. The Grinch's Avatar
    Thank you both. Yeah see the more I think about it I'm not a media person, I do e-mails, have some news apps, texting and BBM. Which is why it irritates me when the screen gets "stuck" on a letter. I guess I should specify, I LOVE the BB, maybe not so much the Storm as much as I just love being in constant contact with everybody. I guess I'm just leaning towards having a key pad there versus having it come up all the time.
    06-14-10 06:07 PM
  5. mjbesen310's Avatar
    The Bold 9650 is the best Blackberry on the market currently. By far the best Blackberry I have owned so far!
    06-14-10 06:10 PM
  6. lhardway's Avatar
    It all depends on what you need your phone to do. The new Curve 8530 models work great, have lots of features, and have moved away from the trackball to a touchpad that is not as likely to break.
    06-17-10 09:56 PM
  7. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    I can only speak to the curve and bold but out of those two I highly prefer the bold
    06-17-10 10:13 PM