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    Hey guys,

    While in the middle of my 30 day trial with the Storm. I've subjected myself to a lot of "research overload". As I always tend to to, I go on an obsessive string of reading and in store demo-ing. I've come to the conclusion that:

    A. I really like the BB platform (even though I've been a di-hard Mac guy since '86)

    B. The Storm is really nice and fun to work on. I find texting to be better on it than on my old Dare.

    C. I also have come to really like the Curve 8900 as well as the newer 8520 (to me it has the nicest physical keyboard), but it's only T-Mobile and At&t and I'm on Verizon.

    D. The Tour is also very nice, but not as nice as the Curve IMO.

    So, what's a new crackberry noobie to do? I know some will say wait for the Storm 2. For that, I'll just stay with the Storm 1 and wait year to see what happens.

    Any thoughts?

    10-08-09 05:00 PM
  2. schlemer's Avatar
    Oh, and can anyone tell me if the 8900 Curve is coming out for Verizon?
    10-08-09 05:10 PM
  3. JMac24's Avatar
    I got the Storm. Had it three months and was so tired of it. I wanted a tour. Till the leaked .230 came out. I am loving the phone now its like a whole new animal.

    Feel you on the Mac. I switched only a year a go and wish I had sooner. However, I do like BB over the Iphone
    10-08-09 05:25 PM