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    I plan on getting my very first blackberry in a few weeks and I'm at a loss. The storms touch screen looks fun and the big screen is nice, but I've heard that isn't not great and that the tour is much better. However, I don't know how I feel about that little trackball, it looks so hard and annoying to use. I would be only using it for personal use, so I want to be able to put all my music on it (instead of using my Ipod touch) and I text/email a lot. I also want to be able to use facebook and play games (like my ipod touch).
    I'm so confused, HELP!
    Thanks so much!!!
    07-28-09 12:02 PM
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    You should just go down to a Verizon corporate store and play with both devices. You're just going to get mixed reviews here even confusing you more.
    07-28-09 12:05 PM
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    I have the Blackberry Tour(on Sprint)...and I have a Blackberry 8830(work phone on Verizon). The trackball is REALLY easy to use. In fact, it is much quicker and easier in most cases than a touch interface. It is like a mouse on a PC, only you use your thumb to operate it.

    As for the the other reasons to choose the Tour over the Storm... The Storm is only available on Verizon...and the Sprint service is much much much cheaper and includes...GPS Navigation. I use both services and the call quality is identical(as it should be they use the same technology and it is free to roam on each other's network).

    Customer Service at Sprint has turned a 180 from 2 years ago and their website for making changes/paying your bill is WAY WAY WAY better than Verizon's.

    The last reason... There is no replacement for a real keyboard. The on screen keyboard A) gets in the way, B) is much harder to type on. The keyboard on the Tour is fantastic. Very responsive and I have great big hands...so the need to feel the edges of the keys is greater. I type really fast on the Tour (and the 8830).
    07-28-09 12:12 PM
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    07-28-09 12:13 PM
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    As from the other thread you had posted..

    Either one will be able to do what you want. The storm has a larger viewing area if you were to want to watch movies and stream videos. You can still put your applications and music on either device. The tour is a solid device and has twice the application memory as the storm. (Which means more applications, obviously!)

    Storm has a 1gb on board device memory, (Pictures, movies, ect)
    It comes with an 8GB storage card for more, capable of 32GB, someday.

    Tour doesn't come with that 1GB on-board memory, and it comes with a 2GB storage card for this. (Expandable to 32BG, someday)

    Storms OS are getting better and better with every leak, official release.
    The tour comes ready to blast out of the box.

    The physical keys are nice on the tour, and the Storm is a touchscreen.
    The Tour is Fast, and has a BRILLIANT display for a smaller screen, while the Storm has a large display, also very nice.

    You just have to make your own decision :-)
    07-28-09 12:16 PM