1. dme916's Avatar
    Hello, I am thinking of getting the Storm on Vodafone but just have few questions about the device that I hope someone could answer.

    Does the phone have a radio or do you have to stream content of the internet. I have just read a article on the website about iPlayer so that question is answered. Another thing when listing to music does it display an album cover. I know that these are little things but if someone could answer them I would appreciate it.


    12-30-08 05:48 AM
  2. YourMobileGuru's Avatar
    I believe you would need to stream music over the data network (internet) as there is no "radio" in the traditional sense.

    Weather album info is displayed depends on the file. If it is encoded directly in the MP3 or whatever then yes it will. If it isn't then no it wont be.
    12-30-08 06:04 AM
  3. dme916's Avatar
    so this means then to listen to Radio 1 i need to stream. so would the storm do this because on my home pc when you stream Radio 1 you need a realmedia installed on the machine. the same with the local radio station signal 1 you need windows media centre
    12-31-08 07:48 AM