08-09-09 04:15 PM
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  1. re.search's Avatar
    I just found that on Chip.de

    BlackBerry: App World und Storm2 am 18. 8.? - News - CHIP Online

    It says RIM would officially launch a "new Business phone" (BlackBerry Storm2) and the AppWorld in germany on 8/18/09 ... but Chip.de gives no source, which is kinda odd.
    I dont trust this article, but I felt like sharing it with you guys
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    07-23-09 10:33 AM
  2. Testingchip's Avatar
    Pretty interesting. It is odd that they have no source and they used the crackberry video instead of some type of commercial. I would think before it came out anywhere they would have some official advertisement.
    07-23-09 12:12 PM
  3. infinity12402's Avatar
    im pretty sure they would have announced the phone coming out like a month ago if it were really being released in 2 weeks
    07-23-09 08:03 PM
  4. bboy2143's Avatar
    Yeah no source... I don't think its legit. And true ^^^ they wouldve.

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    07-23-09 10:36 PM
  5. ushneb's Avatar
    But the Storm 2 isn't a business phone.
    07-23-09 11:50 PM
  6. LuVNmyBlackberry's Avatar
    But the Storm 2 isn't a business phone.
    So then it's a consumer/business phone? Because their are company's that let their employees opt for this phone as opposed to the "Curve" "Bold" or even 6000 or 7000 series
    07-24-09 12:48 PM
  7. fabuloso's Avatar
    Lol, why would Germany get the Storm 2 first? I call BS.

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    07-25-09 12:53 AM
  8. DivideBYZero's Avatar
    But the Storm 2 isn't a business phone.
    I use it for business. What are you talking about?
    07-25-09 07:43 AM
  9. DivideBYZero's Avatar
    Lol, why would Germany get the Storm 2 first? I call BS.

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    The Bold is an example of a Europe first launch.

    I expect this, if anything, is about Gemini.
    07-25-09 07:54 AM
  10. warhed230's Avatar
    ^^^ anything but the Storm 2. Didn't the CB video mention something about an Oct/Nov launch anyways. Didn't say anything about US or EU releases. We just have to wait till then...
    07-25-09 08:20 AM
  11. mkurz12's Avatar
    I've also seen German sites that are currently offering the 8930 Curve for sale. Some show the 8900 some show the Tour and some show a pic of the 8330.
    My guess is they don't have as strict laws dealing with false advertising.

    All though being that the sites are in German they could have a disclaimer saying "different model pictured" or something. Bottom line, I wouldn't believe it until someone we know and trust from here where to tell us first.

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    07-25-09 09:34 PM
  12. Ronindan's Avatar
    looks like it is just speculation
    07-25-09 09:45 PM
  13. Ronindan's Avatar
    But the Storm 2 isn't a business phone.
    Huh?? Any bb is a business phones.
    07-25-09 09:45 PM
  14. AgTitan06's Avatar
    But the Storm 2 isn't a business phone.
    What are you talking about? I use my Storm for business everyday.
    07-26-09 12:16 AM
  15. blazanik's Avatar
    i translated with babblefish and the woridng sounds like they are getting a new business phone and they are questiong whether or not it is the strom2 with 5.0. It is probably the 8530.
    07-27-09 02:01 PM
  16. Andiah's Avatar
    What they're saying is, that on 18th of August they will officially introduce their AppWorld together with a new "Business"-Phone. Then they speculate, it could be the Storm 2 with OS 5.0.
    In the next sentence they just claim it's the Storm 2 (possibly a verbalistic error of the author), but refer mainly to the OS. Well, it could be any new BB. But one thing's for sure...: We will know on August 18th!

    Short conclusion from a native German speaker.
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    08-01-09 11:32 PM
  17. jprintz215's Avatar
    While this would be pretty sweet, i do not think it is true. It seems odd that Germany would be the first place a Canadian phone manufacturer would make available a new device. But I could be wrong...
    08-02-09 03:48 AM
  18. cdaiscool's Avatar
    Ooh! I know!

    They beta-tested Storm over here in the States. They're just going to give you beta testers a device off, and let Germany take over the reigns. =).

    Or they got tired of hearing Civic complain...
    08-02-09 03:54 AM
  19. samsams's Avatar
    Good news for me. If it launches for Tmo D then Tmo NL will folow shortly after.
    But I hope to see the Onyx first.

    But... to the moderators of Crackberry:

    I 'm seeing lots of different threads on EU rumors, news, discussions, still the same old EDGE CMDA GSM discussions, different specs, App World etc etc....
    Some of them are double and also I posted some some questions I later on found elsewhere.

    Isn't it time for a small but separate EU section for all specific EU regarding topics? ;-)
    08-02-09 09:43 AM
  20. re.search's Avatar
    the new business phone will probably be the blackberry curve 8520 since its already listed on vodafone.de (coming soon)

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    08-02-09 10:18 AM
  21. Craig_C's Avatar
    Anyone going to buy and hope to get it to work in the US?
    08-02-09 10:31 AM
  22. jprintz215's Avatar
    Actually the 8250 is more of a multimedia phone since it has the buttons on the top... But you can use it for whatever you want

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    08-02-09 10:46 AM
  23. joejoejoemoe's Avatar
    that would be cool.. i cant wait til the storm 2 comes out
    08-03-09 01:51 AM
  24. skyboxer's Avatar
    Most interesting is the device ships with OS5 on the 18th-12 days away. As I understand it the OS5 rollout will be done quickly across all compatible devices. This may mean that everybody gets OS5 in a couple of weeks or so.

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    08-06-09 04:41 AM
  25. Raptor007's Avatar
    Storm 2 this early seems really like a stretch but who knows if RIM can do it then they should but I don't see it. OS 5.0 before new devices running OS 5.0 also seems like a stretch, maybe they are saying these devices will get the update when it launches and the article was more about a BB coming out.
    08-07-09 11:56 AM
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