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    I have the original BB Storm with software This one I'm using now is an insurance replacement after my original one was exposed to liquid due to getting caught in a sudden downpour with the phone in my pants pocket. I've taken the necessary steps to protect this one buying a case, screen protector etc but for some reason a week or so ago my speaker for ringtones, spekaerphone, alerts etc has started to become crackled and distorted no matter what you do with it. I can't hear people calling me in a noisy place and playing music is all but a waste since the volume is very low even with the phone set on it's highest setting. I believe it's cracked or blown as I can feel air coming from it even when something as simple as a text notification goes off. On top of all that it requires frequent battery pulls and will run out of memory very quickly along with battery draining really quickly even with little to no use other than it getting my email. My friend gets worried if I don't respond to her right away because I'm disabled and at school. I only have one claim on my Asurion left unless I go 12 months from the last claim which was about 2 to 3 months ago. I'm thinking about taking it into my local corp Verizon store but the staff there are well shall we say not quite the friendly type. Would this be a warranty issue or am I looking at another insurance claim. If it's the latter I may hold off and wait til next semester starts andd when my loan refunds come in I may just shell out for a new phone. I don't know whether it'll be the storm 2 or a WMobile device or what but right now I gotta solve this problem.
    10-24-09 11:48 AM
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    Asurion gives you a 12 month warranty on any device that they replace with two claims in a 12 month period. Call them and they will trouble shoot the device and then send you out another replacement. 1888-881-2622
    10-24-09 03:12 PM