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    well i had my storm full of scratches so i personally buy the housing and change it my self so when changing it with help of some tutorial videos as conclusion my screen was like dancing xD, well my screen was moving a lot and i didnt know why so when comparing my old and new housing i found out that my old housing had like an tape or seiling or like lines of rubber on the edges of bezel where the screen touches it, thats why my screen danced so i take them and putt them on my new housing that didnt have it, results that the problem fixed ... yesterday wanting to know the series of my screen to order one i dissamble the phone again and as a result i lost the rubber lines on the edges of the front bezels so my screen is dancing again.... my help to crackberry forum is wanting to know where could i buy them or in which part they come .. pllzz am desesperated i dont have phone :S.. thnk you
    07-07-11 05:09 AM