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    Greetings, I just upgraded from the S1 to the S2 and I am encountering the same issue. I have been told a few things from VZW and want to check if anyone has similar issues. I am an old Alltel customer that still has some old Alltel phones on my account. Due to that, I am still on old Alltel rate plans. My S2 (or S1 for that matter) will not acquire the satellites. I have worked with VZW tech support, RIM and the local store but have not been able to fix the issue. I ran into a VZW field tech recently (guy who maintains the repeater sites) and told him my issues. He immediately asked if I was an old ALLTEL customer using an old Alltel rate plan. I said I was and he claims that I can't get enhanced services until I am on a VZW rate plan or have my number ported to a VZW switch. I am located in Naples FL, and this past Sunday I traveled to Green Bay to watch the GB Minn game. I launched BBMaps and it worked perfectly, it even worked on the plane!! Back to Naples and I can't acquire the birds again. I was in some other forums and was told that the tech does not know what he’s talking about, etc etc and I have to replace the .ipd file, but if it works in GB, maybe the tech was right. Anyone have a clue? Not a major issue, love my S2, just trying to figure out the bug, thanks.
    11-03-09 09:37 AM