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    I keep hearing that the Storm 2 is the last touchscreen-only BB. From what I've seen, the newer BlackBerry models (rumoured models of course) look to implement a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen. In one case, I saw a touchscreen with a slide-out keyboard. This is awful in my opinion. While I realize that some people are really into these ideas, I prefer the current BB line where you either go with a full touchscreen with SurePress or a full QWERTY keyboard.

    I'm currently running with a Storm 9530 after getting rid of the 8320 (which I really enjoyed) and really like the form factor of the 9530. You get a bigger screen than any other BB and with SurePress, you get the ability to type well enough to not absolutely need a QWERTY keyboard. I think that the Storm 2 is a major improvement over the 9530 in this respect, and after seeing reviews and videos for it, I feel that a touchscreen/physical keyboard hybrid would be a step backward.

    I looked up videos on the new Motorola CLIQ out of curiosity tonight and saw a touchscreen phone with a slide-out keyboard and hated it. To think that we might be having to see BlackBerry devices like this in the future concerns me. So, is there any truth to these rumours of RIM going in the hybrid direction? Or is their future direction the current initiative of having great physical keyboard devices (Bold, Tour, etc.) and a separate pillar of touchscreen devices (9530, 9550, etc.)?
    10-19-09 01:52 AM
  2. barban7's Avatar
    i hope not....'cause i hope Tmobile gets a full touch BB. If not, might as well get a Storm2 unlocked.
    10-21-09 04:00 PM
  3. barban7's Avatar
    Blast from the past!


    The Storm did get its own update. If nothing has changed, then i guess it isn't the last full touchscreen. I guess the question should be "when is the next one coming?".
    10-21-09 05:33 PM
  4. rhoads00's Avatar
    The Blackberry Dakota which is another rumored device might have both a touchscreen and full QWERTY Keyoboard.
    10-21-09 09:37 PM