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    So you literally have Jesus's phone that works via wifi and then you decided to switch to the Tour which can't make calls from your home. Makes sense.

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    I like Blackberries. WINMO phones suck to me, they have always been sluggish,and the memory sharing between applications and storage is ridiculous, and although you can find any app for free online, I would gladly pay for an app that works properly, and a phone that is there when I need it and not bogging down because programs don't shut down properly. For the most part none of the BBs I have had have ever let me down. Plus I got like 10 people I know on BBs so we could all use BBmessenger and I like that feature. I have also switched from TMo before that worked flawless at my house via UMA back to Verizon because outside of my house my service works great. TMO I was getting SOS anytime I travelled anywhere and I could not make calls or use data. There service sucks horribly here.
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    I edited the title to correct the typo and to make it more like a question we can answer.
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    on verizon will you be able to call threw the wifi or is the wifi just for data
    Don't listen to speculators because no one truly knows...
    However, I routinely used my WiFi on my XV6700 and made phone calls while
    using the net.
    09-28-09 06:41 PM
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    Again, VZW doesn't offer a native VoIP service. Yet. But eventually with LTE they might utilize VoIP to carry voice on a data network.

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    Says the guy with 'wanna' in his signature
    hahahahah touche
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    Well I now have a tour so I would not be able to provide pix. I guess you are right I was using witchcraft or voodoo to get it to work. I am saying it is possible cuz I have done it with the phone out of the box, not using any special program. No skype, no Google voice, just WIFI, my router and my phone. As I said it doesn't matter at this time becasue I currently have a tour.

    And I live North of Tampa Florida. Have great coverage in Tampa and surrounding cities even a few miles down the road on hyw 19, but I live right by the water, and there are no towers by my house. That is why i get no coverage inside, not even D I get searching for signal or no signal constantly.
    so then explain how you do it, because there is no native supported VoIP protocol offered by VZW...the device doesn't even have software to support to connect voice via the wi-fi signal...you would need some 3rd party software (google voice, skype, etc...) for it to work. which means "out of the box" is a straight lie.

    i don't really need pix of your phone, i want proof, or some document that you can provide that it is readily available to customers. find it on the internet and show me....otherwise it's all theoretical.

    don't take this as a personal attack, just want you to prove your statements that's all.
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