1. caquito07's Avatar
    I am having problems with my media card, the phone detects the card but wont save on. Every time I take a picture I get an error "File nor found", also when I do a Screen Grab the phone doesn't save it. I have tried several times to repair the card thru the phone menu and also error check thru windows.

    Bold 9700
    OS 6.0 Bundle 3106 (v6.0.0.723, Platform

    Any ideas?

    11-18-12 06:34 PM
  2. klondikeee's Avatar
    I've never heard of a "File nor found" message before, it sounded very mysterious to me.
    I can't even understand what it means in english.
    But I googled it and it seems that this mystery message appears in various softwares and situations.
    Hope it's not a cross-platform virus.
    11-18-12 06:45 PM

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