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    I have/had a Blackberry Tour with USCellular. When I travelled to Europe a few months ago, I purchased a 20 euro 3 month Blackberry internet promotional plan and SIM card from Vodaphone; USCellular, btw, informed me that I wouldn't get BBry functionality with a SIM card, and they were dead wrong. I was able to use all functions of my Tour.

    I returned to France last week, after my promo period with Vodaphone was up. Vodaphone partners with SFR in France. The SIM card was still active, and after purchasing 10 euros in minutes, I was able to text. After one phone call, the euros were used up. While on the way to purchase a SFR card, my Blackberry was stolen.

    I suspended my US service with USCellular. SFR was unable to help me (language barrier, plus I don't think the staff quite understood what to do). My BB was password protected, and I also had a load of sensitive info in the password protected Safe.

    How safe IS my information on there? Will someone just wipe it clean and insert a new SIM? Or will they just put a new SIM in there, and my info will just hang out "underneath" the new active SIM? Do I need to contact Vodaphone and cancel the number that they assigned me?

    I really hope that someone develops ear mites from using my BB!!!!
    10-09-10 10:32 PM
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    Actually there is software to crack the phones backups. But I don't think they can back up the phone.

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    10-09-10 10:46 PM
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    So....are you saying I should possibly cancel the credit cards, and all the bank accounts? I even have insurance policy numbers, frequent flier numbers, SS#. I LOVED having all that info in one place, and always at my fingertips.

    This is really stressing me out....
    10-09-10 10:52 PM
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    If your phone is password protected and locked, and the safe is password protected and locked, you're data should be safe. (I'm not sure about the info on the sim card.) I think what the other poster is referring to is the backup file stored on a computer; there might be software to read that, but the data stored on your BlackBerry itself should be safe. That's one of the key features of a BlackBerry: security. I think it's best if content protection (encryption) is also set to on. Mine is. I wouldn't worry about my data if my device is lost or stolen so long as it's password protected and locked. (Re the computer backup file, my own is stored on my ThinkPad, and that has a hard drive that's password protected. Even if someone steals my laptop, it's unlikely he'll get my BlackBerry backup file!)
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    10-09-10 11:21 PM
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    The device performs a security wipe after up to 10 (or whatever lower number you set it to) failed attempts at entering the device's main password, if you had the password enabled. If you picked even a reasonable password, not something like "password" or "123456" you should be just fine I would suspect. I can't recall if the password keeper will nuke itself after a number of incorrect attempts or not.
    10-10-10 07:44 AM
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    I can't recall if the password keeper will nuke itself after a number of incorrect attempts or not.
    I'm not sure either, but that would be logical. As with the device password, you're allowed to set 1-10 attempts. (I had 10 but changed it to 3.) But even with the max of 10 attempts, it's unlikely anyone would ever get in unless you chose the most obvious password like the one you mentioned or the word "password," lol.
    10-10-10 07:50 AM
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    Password attempt limit is 5. I mistyped it twice, and before I could do the 3rd attempt, I had to type the word "blackberry"; I appreciated knowing that, just in the off chance that I was somehow able to pocket-dial several times in a row!

    I feel better about the security wipe. I don't care about any of the info on the SIM - it was mainly texts about where and when to meet for dinner.

    Ok maybe I will stop fretting, and will just go out and buy a new Blackberry today. I am missing it BAD!! Thanks so much!
    10-10-10 08:11 AM