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    I was wondering if there was a way to track if a blackberry that was lost, and found by someone else, and they started using it. Would my phone company, t-mobile be able to track the phone if the person who found the phone started using it. Say if they either added a data plan to their phone or upgraded the software.

    This is what happened

    1. I lost my phone
    2. Someone finds the phone and decides to keep it.
    3. They call their phone company to add a dataplan....caught?
    3. upgrade their phone os....caught?

    Or would their be any other way to catch this person or track the phone down?

    I know you really can't w/ other phones, not sure w/ blackberry.

    Oh and the phone is unlocked, does that affect the locking of the pin????
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    I dont know that they could add a data plan because the pin should be locked to your account. I think the phone would just be useless to them....not 100% sure though
    04-05-09 12:14 PM
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    Do you have a password on your phone? That would keep your personal information safe(r).

    There are plenty of 3rd prty apps for tracking lost phones. Some of them will even activte the GPS and show you where your BB is located. If you are worried about your phone getting stolen, or you carry a lot of valuable onfirmation on your BB, then you really should look at installing one of the 3rd party apps.

    I currently use Berry Locator, as well as have my password turned on.
    04-06-09 07:55 AM
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    If you call tmo and tell them the phone is stolen they will disable the IMEI and register it as stolen. Reguardless of if you have a password on the BB they can no longer use voice/sms/mms/data from YOUR account and if they were to unlock it and go to a different provider that provider would inform them that the phone has been declared stolen and unless the original owner comes in to unlock it they can't activate the phone.

    I had a phone stolen and I called it in. Then a few days later a guy called me up saying he is trying to sell the phone and wanted me to call sprint (my provider at the time) to have the "stolen" lock taken off. I told him to send me my phone back as it was stolen and he wanted to charge me since he "bought" the phone from some warehouse and didn't want to loose money on the deal. I found the guy's website, contacted ebay, paypal and the company he gets his secure website sales software from and they shut down his site.

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    As for getting it back its kind of like with a car, most likely its sent to a chop shop and used for parts. That's why you have insurance, probably won't see it again unless the person who finds it is nice.

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