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    Birthday Gift stolen I bought a brand new Black 8520 BB curve on the 1st September 2010 for a good friend's birthday on Saturday 4th September 2010 someone stole the phone at a local nightclub. Phone was reported stolen to local authorities. Phone was taken from the Cayman Islands to Sheffield in the UK and possibly sold or exchange for another Blackberry phone : Stole phones PIN: ... and ... . To the thief what a real loser u are
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    09-19-10 10:25 PM
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    Well if you reported the phone stolen, all pin services and bis/bes is now forever blacklisted on the phone.

    Sorry for your loss.

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    09-19-10 11:13 PM
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    Was a gift for at Friend at University for the first time so she can communicated with her single parent mum. Carrier in Cayman Islands LIME formerly Cable & Wireless UK informed me Person can put a new UK Sim with BB service and we cant do a thing about it. Phone cannot be immobilized apparently.Thief apparently is high society and has High friends in Law enforcement. Above the law as they say.
    09-20-10 08:33 AM
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    I am sorry for your loss, but you can not post IMEI and PIN numbers in a public forum. That information can be abused.
    09-20-10 09:17 AM