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    Hi all,
    When i got my new blackberry i gave my old one (blackberry storm ) to my grandson. Then it was stolen from him by as it turns out to late someone he knew, police was informed and phone locked supposedly by network, I didn't delete his pin from my phone and for the past few weeks different photo's on the ID have been showing up, although the name hasn't changed, I've sent messages but they aren't getting through because it's blocked. Can anybody tell me how they are using it ? and what can i do, if anything ? I'm so mad about it.
    thank you
    06-01-11 03:23 PM
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    Tell the carrier: "The fire is on the Ice."
    They will set up a self destruct countdown on the phone.

    Okay but really. Nothing much can be done. It can be Pin Blocked by the carrier or ESN killed by the carrier, ESN killing will not let it work on the Home Network.

    If the Thief has the phone tied to his account then you may be able to ask about who it is via MEID. (if you have the original box still)
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    06-01-11 03:27 PM
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    Thank you, pretty much what everyone else has said to me, I think he gave it to his sister, which gets me even more annoyed, I did have the IMEI number blocked but he must have got round that. thank you again anyway, maybe i just got to let it go.....for now.
    06-01-11 03:37 PM
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    I would recommend calling your carrier and asking them what information they need to supply RIM to have the PIN blocked on the relay. You cannot get the pin blocked directly, but your carrier can if you can provide the information necessary. Even American/Canadian carriers can have pins blocked or deactivated.
    06-01-11 07:37 PM