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    I have 2 BB 9650 Bolds both can be upgraded now. Contract is up so I am waiting for something new to come along I like. I am on VZW and it seems the choice of the high end phones has really slowed down. Like to not many new options. BB basically has nothing. The new Apple is not impressive. Right now the Samaung Galaxy 2 seems to be the best thing out there. Now I could be way off. Thats why I am on here. Lets hear it. Give me some help and the reasons why. And it has to be a global phone as I travel overseas a lot. My Bolds do the job but the browser is well it is what it is.Slow. Battery life is excellent. But as we all know technology changes by the week not the year. Any suggestions would be appreciated especially if you have and are using the phone you recommend. I have used BB's for a long time but they are behind the times. They know it and we know it.Sure they work but all of them work. I have a need for more speed. But the big problem is battery life. I do not want a phone that last 3 hours. My BB will go most of the day with heavy use and just a regular battery. If it just had a larger screen and a faster browser it would be the perfect phone.And what in the heck is all the hoopla about the Iphone 4S. Where is the I5. And where are BB's new phones. Everybody is just remaking their old models with a little bigger processor. Somebody give us something new,remarkable,mind boggling. Make us want it.
    10-06-11 09:16 PM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    Its not a hard decision if you want all the bells and whitles go android. If you want the best physical keyboard and a great business device go blackberry. The two can't be compared they are different animals all toghether. I keep my android tablet with me and I get the best of both worlds.

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    10-06-11 09:22 PM
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    Try one of the os7 devices. They are light years ahead of the older berries...I have a 9930 and love it. Great battery life also.

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    10-06-11 09:57 PM
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    get the Bold 9930, problem solved. browser is a lot better then the devices you have now, quicker and renders pages well. BIS will be upgraded to 4.1 also, so email will be even better.
    10-06-11 10:06 PM
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    Buy a 9930. It is awesome. But do you expect to get a different opinion on the Crackberry forums?

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    10-06-11 10:13 PM
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    Try them out in the store, then make a decision after a few days. That is how you make up your own mind.

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    10-06-11 11:11 PM
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    What are you waiting for? 9900 just came out a month ago? And its probably the best blackberry since the original bold eh. If you are waiting for the QNX phone, we kinda have a general idea when its going to come out eh. Sometime early next year?

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    10-06-11 11:43 PM
  8. decypher44's Avatar
    Easy. 9930.

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    10-06-11 11:52 PM
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    I thank all you for the replys. It seems you like the 9900/9930. I use mine mostly for business.No games no BS.Email ,Text, talk an internet. The rest of it I do with my laptop.I am one of those poor fools that have to carry 2 phones and 2 laptops. Yeah I know why not all on one. I do not do business on personal phones or laptops. Its a proprierity information thing.So I just keep it seperate and no problems. So any phone I get I will get 2 of them. Are the batteries the same for the 9900's as the 9650's. What about all the chargers,cords etc. I have enought stuff now to start a phone store.
    10-07-11 12:46 AM
  10. SC457's Avatar
    The batteries are different but the power cords should work I think. If not the new phones come with the power cord which is also a usb cord that just plugs into a charging reciever. So you'll only need one unless you have to charge two phones at once.

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    10-07-11 01:30 AM
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    I think you need to go into the store and play around and see what suits you best. I think the 9930 is good, but you should spend some time looking at devices and comparing your needs.
    10-07-11 10:47 AM