1. Kayla00's Avatar
    i got orange juice spilt on the screen of my blackberry storm. i pulled the battery, and let it dry, and it works fine in terms on basic operation-the water damage sticker is still white as well. the problem now is that my screen is kinda sticky... its hard to explain but the pressure required to push it varies from area to area, and is much more difficult to text/type.
    i do have insurance on it, but as this is my 3rd one id rather not send it away after only a few weeks.

    is there anything i can do? i have been told alcohol might help, or water, or rice, or silica gels or dusters (used mostly for cleaning keyboards)
    06-22-10 06:28 PM
  2. Radius's Avatar
    The problem is sugar around the edges of the screen, it's causing a bit of stick. Being that you don't want to push it farther into the phone by using cleaning liquids, things get tricky.

    I forget exactly what the tolerances of the screen are, but if there is a paper thin separation between the screen and housing then go to the local drug store and get some alcohol wipes. These can be unfolded and are extremely thin.

    Try to get them around the edges of the screen and swipe it out a few times. Use a sharp toothpick to try and get the edge of the wipe in there.

    Hopefully that will unstick it a bit for you.
    06-22-10 07:19 PM