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    British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger Stephen Fry reviews the 8900 Curve and the Tour on his website (both of which he likes) then takes a swipe at the Storm.

    He also gives a heads up to crackberry as the No.1 blackberry users site

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    I'd just started reading this in another tab.

    If I'm honest the only thing stopping Fry becoming one of my favourite authors of virtually every possible media, is the fact that I don't have the vocabulary to make sense of half the words he writes. Well, not without having a laptop on my knee and a thesaurus in my hand to frantically flick through every ten words to work out what's actually going on.

    I knew I should have stuck with English beyond that pesky GCSE.


    But there are ontological baselines and last year RIM made a disastrous attempt to cross a BlackBerry with an iPhone and came up with one of digital history’s all time dogs, the Storm, an example of those wretched, cursed mutants that slip from the womb, writhe and thrash for an instant as they struggle for air and then die screaming – to the eternal shame of the diabolical genetic manipulators who dared interfere with the natural order of things. The Storm was (and is – for they have been cruel enough to keep it alive) blushmakingly dreadful. It was as if the butler answered the door wearing trainers, ripped jeans and a beanie with a cry of “Sup, *****?” Embarrassment all round. I reviewed the benighted beast here and while I wasn’t kind, I hope the glowing encomia I heaped on the BlackBerry Bold in the same blog shows that it I am certainly no BlackBerry hater.
    I'm in creases with laughter at that.
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    He's some guy though. He's technology mad. I'm sure he had some pictures on his website with him surrounded by blackberry's, iPhones, laptops. He just loves gadgets (if I had his money I would be the same though!)
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