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    Thanks to Inès and Julie, from RIM France, we - a group of 25 "die-hard" fans - had the opportunity to have a special presentation of BB10 at RIM's France Headquarters.
    Few of us (the BBjammers) had already see most of the presentation, but I must say that I've been very satisfied. As time goes, I can feel the consistency of demonstrations; differentiators are more and more identified and clearly explained and the devAlpha HDMI plugged was crisp, fluid and beautiful on the projector screen. The OS (don't know the build) was even more responsive than my current DA.
    Moreover, we need (we for France) that kind of events to spread the word around. I sincerely hope other countries will do / are doing the same. Anyway, this is a neat move !

    So besides the pleasant time, it has been a real pleasure to observe how much - even fans - were astonished by the new capabilities and paradigm.

    P.S: also a special thanks to BBsavior and David B for the introduction.
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