1. kylef5993's Avatar
    So I go to the University at Buffalo in New York and just last week I was sitting in the library and a fellow Q10 owner sat down next to me. This is the first time in about 6 months that i've seen a Q10. And then just last night I was at a party and met a kid who was rocking a Z10.

    Not sure if i'm just now noticing BB10 phones or if sales are finally increasing. Both people said they got their phones within the last month.

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    03-09-14 06:43 PM
  2. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    With the price drop, you will be seeing a lot more. They all got bargains for high end devices so why not go for it.

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    03-09-14 06:55 PM
  3. calicocat2010's Avatar
    If they had lowered the price on all the new BlackBerry phones More would Probably be out sporting them.

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    03-09-14 09:42 PM
  4. THBW's Avatar
    Spent the day on the slopes and came across a group of powder hounds all sporting z10s. I was quite shocked as I expected the usual iPhone thing. Basically, they like to heli-ski and the HDMI Is a big winner. When your in the middle of BC, a few downloaded movies and an HDMI Connection are what keep you sane at night.

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    03-09-14 11:16 PM
  5. SK122387's Avatar
    I've seen two people with a Z10 in the last two weeks. Before that, I hadn't seen any people with BlackBerry 10 devices in months (other than friends and my mom).
    03-09-14 11:19 PM
  6. beantownwindsorite's Avatar
    I'm out all the time in Boston and I've never seen a z10. I saw a q10 about a year ago but that was it

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    03-09-14 11:23 PM
  7. Rello's Avatar
    Seen 2 BB10 devices out in the wild...thats it...but I personally know 3 people with Z10's as well

    But no I don't think device sales are increasing by any meaningful amount

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    03-09-14 11:27 PM
  8. BBZ10wannabe's Avatar
    About a year ago? I got my z10 about a year ago and the q10 hadn't even been released yet but I'll assume either your memory is off a few months or you saw a demo unit

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    03-09-14 11:29 PM
  9. BBZ10wannabe's Avatar
    As a matter of fact, I was in Boston a year ago sporting my brand new z10 and I proudly brought it into an AT&t store looking for a USB car charger and showed it off. The hadn't yet received their demo z10's but we're very interested and asked if I worked for RIM lol.. I should have said yes as so often I feel like I do!!

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    03-09-14 11:32 PM
  10. beantownwindsorite's Avatar
    Yes, about a year ago.

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    03-09-14 11:41 PM
  11. BB10user07's Avatar
    Sales will come with Z3 far from US.

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    03-09-14 11:45 PM
  12. bbzp's Avatar
    I also believe BlackBerry is starting to gain in popularity. When I talked to my carrier, the salesperson I talked to said he really liked BlackBerries. Also when I show anyone my BlackBerry they seem to be very interested and surprised that it is a BlackBerry.

    Too many people remember the old BlackBerry. If more people knew about the new BlackBerry and use BB10 then I believe they would be more open about owning a BlackBerry device.

    IMO BlackBerry has improved themselves from the past. Not only is BB10 a great OS, but I think their new touch phones are better than their past touch phones. IMO the Z10 is a good phone and the Z30 is an even better phone. The Z3 is also interesting the more I read about it. The phone I'm most interested in is the possibility of a new flagship phone. If you ask me I think it's an exciting time to be a BlackBerry customer. I believe BlackBerry is heading in the right direction.
    03-10-14 12:17 AM

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