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    Ive been trying to do my best in figuring out what can be done to help those of us that are using sprint network and would like to use accurate gps with google maps.
    Although from the link below it seems everyone is "working on it"

    Google Maps GPS is not recognised by Blackberry Tour 9630 from Bell Mobility - Google Mobile Help

    I thought maybe someone viewing this with more knowledge of blackberries and or services could help.

    If what Ive seen to be true: that when I was traveling I put in a pre-paid card into my unlocked tour and used google maps I had perfect gps not A-gps "near" data.
    Others in the link above also confirmed this.
    If this is true is there anyway while here in the US on the sprint network there can be a code or service book swap to let google maps think we are using another service carrier (verizon) yet all the other functions work as stock with sprint?
    Since this seems to be an issue with just the Tour 9630 on Sprint and not verizon it seems as though this might be possible?
    Any thoughts and ideas welcome.
    08-12-09 11:18 PM